Try to Introduce Screen Awareness Early On

If you are a parent in this day and age, screen use and internet awareness will no doubt feature as a critical issue. Kids nowadays are growing up with screens all around them, and become used to this way of life. This becomes even more important as they enter their teenage years, as the obsession with social media is introduced. This is often a time that parents suddenly crack down on-screen use, but this is not necessarily the best way to go about it. Here is why you should try to introduce awareness about screen use from a young age:

They Will See It as Normal

If something is introduced young, then kids see it as the norm. If you gently educate them on the reasons why as well, then they won’t question the idea of limiting screen and internet time.

It Won’t Come as a Big Shock

There’s nothing worse than having a daily habit that is suddenly taken away from you. If this is combined with comparisons with their peers, then they will likely kick up a storm. This won’t be an issue if they have rules in place to begin with.