Tips for When Kids Are Scared of the Dark

Being scared of the dark is incredibly common in children. It’s an understandable fear—not being able to see what’s around you is pretty jarring and many adults still find themselves uncomfortable when it’s pitch black. But for kids, this fear can become consuming and impact their daily lives. Here are some ideas to help.

Have a Night-Light 

These are a great invention. They simply plug into the socket and produce a faint but far-reaching light. Having this slight glow in their room at night will help alleviate the fear and gradually help them realize that there’s nothing to fear in their bedroom at night. 

Spend Time With Them in the Dark

Having some time with an adult they trust while in the darkness will also help them gradually become more used to it. You could simply sit in their bedroom with them at night and tell them a gentle story to help them feel less afraid. 

Talk About the Fear

Encouraging an open chat about their concerns will help them feel listened to and respected. It can also help them to voice their fear and discuss them with you to help them realize that many of them may be unnecessary and unhelpful.