The Pros and Cons of Games Consoles

If you have kids, then the chances are they’ve expressed a desire to have some kind of games console at some point. Since these were first released there are now so many out there and they remain hugely popular. If you’ve been feeling unsure about whether this would be a good idea or not, then here are some of the good and bad sides.

Pro – Can be Educational

There are plenty of games out there that help kids learn in one way or another. Whether there are problem-solving skills involved, or the storyline of the game includes some historical events, there are plenty of learning opportunities embedded within certain games.

Con – Promotes Time Indoors

Most parents will be keen for their kids to spend as much time outside as possible. While games are great for rainy days, it’s not so ideal when kids would rather be inside on a screen on a sunny day than outdoors. 

Pro – Sociable

This is especially true if you have multiple children, but only children can play with friends too. It can be a lovely way for kids to bond while exploring virtual worlds together. 

Con – Can Expose Kids to Violence

You can try to avoid this by being vigilant when they choose games, but there’s always a risk of games having a darker side to them.