The Most Underrated Way to Be a Good Parent

There’s more than one way to be a good parent. Loving your child unconditionally is obviously a great starting point, followed by a bevy of responsibilities that you must do, whether you like it or not. The truth is that every parental style is different, so this topic can be very complex and very vast. However, when it comes to good parenting, there is something that is crucial for you to do that rarely gets talked about. Here’s the most underrated, and potentially most effective thing you can do to be a good parent.

Be a Good Spouse

Yep, you heard us. When it comes to good parenting, people focus so much on how you’re treating the child—which, while obviously important, is far from the full picture. It’s important to remember that children pick up on everything they see. You teach your child not just from what you tell them directly but by how you act towards others around you.

The relationship you have with your spouse will probably have an incredible impact on your child’s life because it’ll be their first impression of third-party relationships and how they work. By being a caring, loving spouse, you’re actually being the most important role model in your child’s life at this current juncture. As they sponge up vast amounts of knowledge, they’re using your and your spouse’s relationship as a model for how relationships should be moving forward—and it’s something they’ll take with them for the rest of their life, so make it count!