Simple & Delicious Homemade Purees for Your Baby

Are you ready to start a flavorful adventure with your little ones? Diving into the world of solids is an exciting milestone, and what better way to celebrate it than with homemade purees? These delightful, easy-to-make meals are a great way to introduce your baby to the colorful world of food.

Classic Carrot Puree

Peel and chop the carrots, then steam until tender. Blend to a smooth consistency, adding a little water if necessary.

Sweet Potato Delight

Wash, peel, and cube the sweet potato. Steam until soft, then puree, adding water to achieve the desired consistency.

Pear Perfection

Peel and chop the pears, removing the core. Steam until soft and blend until smooth. Pears can also be pureed raw if they’re very ripe.

Green Pea Puree

Steam the peas until tender, then puree. For a smoother texture, pass the puree through a sieve to remove the skins.

Banana Bliss

No cooking is needed. Mash a ripe banana with a fork until it reaches a smooth consistency.

Introducing New Flavors

As your baby becomes accustomed to different foods, you can start combining flavors to enhance their culinary experience. Mixing a vegetable with a fruit, like a carrot and apple, for example, can be a fun next step.