Preparing Siblings for a New Baby!

Brace yourselves because there’s exciting news on the horizon—a new bundle of joy is about to join your family! While the anticipation of welcoming a new baby is undeniably thrilling, there’s another equally thrilling journey to embark upon: preparing your older child or children for their new sibling. Let’s dive into some fun and effective ways to make this transition as smooth as possible for the whole family!


Reading is not just for bedtime; it’s a fantastic way to introduce the concept of a new baby. Choose children’s books that explore becoming a big brother or sister, like “The New Baby” by Mercer Mayer or “I Am a Big Brother/Sister” by Caroline Jayne Church. Reading these books together can spark conversations and questions, allowing your child to express their feelings and curiosity.

The Art of Involvement

Let your older child be part of the baby preparations. They can help choose baby clothes, set up the nursery, or even paint a special picture to hang in the baby’s room. Including them in these tasks will make them feel valued and important in this new chapter.

A Special Sibling Gift

Consider giving your older child a “welcome to big siblinghood” gift from the new baby. This small gesture can make them feel appreciated and create a sense of camaraderie right from the start.

Celebrate Their Individuality

Amidst the excitement of a new baby, remember to celebrate your older child’s achievements and milestones. Acknowledge their unique interests and accomplishments, and spend quality one-on-one time with them to reinforce the special bond you share.