Need Some Pampering? Set Up A Home Spa

Are you in need of some relaxation and pampering, but can’t justify a spa day all to yourself? Why not set up a spa at home? Your kids will enjoy the pampering just as much as you, and can help you set up parts of it so it’s not just another thing you need to organize. If you’re really lucky, they might just relax enough to give you a bit of peace and quiet.


Choose a space in your home where you can set up a few chairs and stations, without fearing that moisturizer is about to ruin your favorite carpet. Ask the kids to lay down a tarp or sheet before you start, if needed. Make or buy some face masks to use as your facials. Before starting, explain to your kids how it needs to be applied (including avoiding the eye and mouth area) and then let them get their hands messy! They will love applying the face mask for you, and for five minutes you won’t need to do anything but sit back and relax.

Foot Rub

Buy a moisturizing balm and set up a bowl of warm water for a foot soak. Once you and your kids have soaked your feet, take it in turns to provide foot rubs. Lots of giggling and laughter is sure to ensue, but even if this activity isn’t the most relaxing in the world, laughing is really beneficial for your overall health and happiness.

Nail Painting

You can buy kid-friendly nail polishes, which don’t have some of the chemicals included in adult versions. Expect this activity to get messy, so it may be best done in the bathroom where you have wipe down surfaces. Let the kids choose their own colors, and give them time to get the hang of the technique – often, when they are concentrating, the noise levels are reduced, so this will provide you with another opportunity to relax.