Mom Lets Her Daughter Skip School Once a Month, and Internet Supports Her

Letting their kids skip school without a good reason is usually considered a big “no-no” by most parents. However, TikTok user Noel LaPalomento is taking a different approach by allowing her daughter to skip school once a month, and the internet is fully supporting her.

LaPalomento recently uploaded a video on her TikTok that shows her daughter Giada enjoying a fun time by visiting a shopping mall and enjoying some boba tea and cotton candy.

“I told my daughter that she can pick one day each month to stay home from school without being sick,”

LaPalomento wrote across the video.

LaPalomento’s clip got more than eight million views in a week while attracting more than six thousand comments. While there were some negative comments about this parenting approach to education, most TikTok users actually liked the idea.

“A mental health day off would have done so much good for my hurting brain and heart when I was growing up. This is amazing!” one user wrote.

“As a PreK teacher, I absolutely love this! Let kids be kids. A mental health day of happiness and a date with mommy sounds awesome,” another added.

If you ask us, there is nothing bad about kids occasionally skipping school for no reason if it helps their well-being. However, know that doing it too often can negatively affect their education and schools probably won’t be too happy about it.