Mom Amazes the Internet With Her 3 P.M. Dinner Hack

We got accustomed to eating meals at a certain time of the day and believed our kids should follow the same schedule. But one mom is taking a whole different approach that has amazed the internet.

TikToker recently shared a viral clip on social media in which she explains why she cooks dinner for her kids at 3 p.m.

According to, her kids woke from their nap around this time and were already hungry.

“They always wake up from their nap ravenous, so why not feed them the most amount of nutrients now, and then snack later?” she shares.

The video shows cooking various meals for her kids and feeding them before finally getting around to cooking something for the adults in the house. Since the kids have already eaten and are occupied with desserts, she and her husband can enjoy a peaceful meal.

“It frees up the rest of the night. Play games. I can do a workout. So, there’s no pressure. If they’re hungry later, we do bedtime toast,” adds.

The video, which has got 1.2 million views since being posted in February, got a lot of positive reactions from other TikTokers. One mom even tested out the same method and called it a “game changer”.

“I started feeding my kids dinner at 3/4 pm when they’re hungry after seeing you doing it. I don’t know why I didn’t do it earlier!! Game changer,” @jamieamber_ shared in the comments section.