Is it a Good Idea for Your Kids to Have Smartphones?

Smartphones have taken over the world these days. Anything and everything can be done from these handheld devices, and many people would claim to be addicted. So with all the benefits and downsides to this technology, you may be wondering whether your children and teenagers should enter this world. Here are some of the good and bad sides to your kids having smartphones.

They Can Keep Up With Their Friends

Chances are most of their friends will have a smartphone, so not allowing your kids to do the same may well make them feel excluded. With a phone, they can keep in touch with their friends whenever they like.

A Risk of Cyber-Bullying 

While keeping up with their friends is great, this also opens the doors for so many challenges in the online world. Try to keep an open dialogue about this to help them deal with any issues. 

They May Be Safer

Being able to easily contact you or another source of help may be lifesaving in certain circumstances. 

An Early Start to the Addiction

Arguably, kids should still be happy playing games and being outdoors. Smartphone ownership can threaten these simple joys if not monitored well.