Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper Don’t Employ a Nanny for Their Daughter Lea

In order to keep up with their busy schedules, most celebrity parents employ nannies for additional help in taking care of their young children. But supermodel Irina Shayk and actor Bradley Cooper are taking a different approach with their six-year-old daughter Lea.

In a recent chat with ELLE, Shayk shared more details about co-parenting Lea with Cooper and revealed that both of them want to be hands-on parents to their daughter.

“We both take Lea everywhere with us,” she told the magazine.

Shayk then revealed that neither Cooper nor her employ a nanny during the time they spend with Lea.

“She’s super easy. Two days ago, I had to go to the gym, so I just got her a drawing book and said, ‘Mama’s working out.’ She was drawing for an hour,” Shayk shared.

Going “everywhere” with mom and dad is working great for Lea and not just because she gets to spend all of her time with them.

“Then we went to the Michael Kors fitting. She met all the girls. Michael gave her a bag. She drew him a kitty cat,” Shayk added.

Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper started dating in 2015 and welcomed Lea in 2017. Shayk and Cooper announced their split in 2019 but remained friends.