Important Tips for Making Showering Experience Safer for Your Child

After their child reaches a certain age, some parents might decide to transition from giving them a bath to taking showers. The general rule is that children should not go in the shower with you until they can stand on their own. But even then, this can be a challenging and you should take various measures of precaution in order to make it a safer experience. Here are some tips on how to do that.

Use Non-Slip Mats in and Around the Shower

You will need to childproof your shower and the surrounding area. This primarily means placing non-slip mats to prevent your child from accidentally slipping. Also, make sure to remove any hazardous objects from the near proximity like razors.

Use Pump Bottles with Gentle Baby Soap

Make sure to use a kind of shower soap that will not irritate your child’s skin or hurt if it gets in their eyes. Also, always store them in pump bottles to avoid having to squeeze the soap.

Use Moderate Water Flow and Safe Water Temperature

Another thing you need to be vary of is the water flow and the water temperature. You should use moderate water flow to avoid the shower being overwhelming experience. Also, don’t adjust the water temperature to your liking and instead have it between 90F (32C) and 100F (37C).

Don’t Leave Your Child Out of Sight

This goes without saying, but you should never leave your child out of sight in the shower under any circumstances. Also, make sure you are always close enough to hold them if they seem like they might fall.