Ideas to Help You With “Gentle Parenting”

“Gentle parenting” is a concept that is being talked about more and is increasing in popularity. It focuses on working with your child to help them understand their own actions better and therefore have their own idea of how they’d like to act. It also promotes an empathetic and respectful approach and emphasizes the child’s autonomy. If this idea is of interest to you, then here is some advice to help you figure it out.

Patience is Key

If you are trying out some gentle parenting techniques, then it’s super important to remember that patience is one of the most significant aspects of this approach. Remember that your child is still figuring out how the world works, and also remember that you’re only human. You will both have a lot of trial and error trying to figure things out, and being patient is essential for this.

Rephrasing Can Be Simple But Effective

If you can figure out different ways to phrase things instead of just saying “no”, this is a simple way to help your child understand the situation better from their own perspective instead of just seeing it as ‘not allowed’. For example, reminding them to be gentle instead of telling them to stop doing something.