Which Baby Accessories You Should Splurge On

Once companies cottoned on that babies are consumers too, albeit tiny ones, the number of products out there has skyrocketed. Each new toy or gadget or gimmick swears that it is a must-have and your baby’s life will not be complete without it.

We are here to try and cut through the noise a bit and figure out what you need and what you can definitely live without. Is that stroller really necessary or is it a status symbol for new parents? Does that teething toy really give your child an edge on their college applications or is that just the marketing? Will that snuggie saves your kids life or is it really just a fashion accessory.  


The High-end Stroller

This is a straight up status symbol if we ever saw one. While the big boys strut their stuff and show off their status in a Mercedes or Escalade, the little ones are being shown off around their neighborhood in a stroller that put their parents out upwards of a grand. To be fair, buying a stroller should not be done without thought. This contraption is going to be in your life every single day and the way you use it, and how it works for you, will matter. But with this kind of thing, it isn’t an accessory and how it works is far more important than what it looks like.

The Matching Diaper Bag

A diaper bag is a bag with pockets. The pockets are not even that necessary. If you get talked into a diaper bag with all kinds of promises of how it is going to fix your life, you have been duped. There are plenty of bags out there that have definitely addressed many of the issues that come along with toting around enough swag to outfit an entire preschool. And yet, like your stroller, this is another decision where you should think before you buy. If you find an adorable tote that you love and will fit your gear, whether in pockets or in individual pouches, go for it!

A Stand Alone Highchair

Now, wait a minute before you skip ahead and hear us out. We are not vetoing a highchair, just a stand alone. A space-saving highchair is a great way to cut down on clutter and save a few bucks. The space-saving models that go on a chair or table tend to run a few dollars less and will clear up a little extra room in your kitchen. The highchair is a very traditional and central part of having a baby, but this modern twist is a great idea for parents who are still in a smaller apartment.

A Pricey Pack N’ Play

Unless you are living from hotel room to hotel room and traveling extensively with your tot, there is little reason to splash out the big bucks on a pricey baby bed. There are some parents who use a pack n’ play full-time and that is nothing to frown upon, but for parents that are only pulling out the collapsible bed every now and again, consider a slimmed down model that is first and foremost safe, and then easy to tote around.

No More Than One Baby Carrier

There are so many slings and backpacks and baby carriers out there. Unless you have twins (or triplets) you really only need one. They don’t vary that much and once you have found the one that is comfortable on you and your baby enjoys sitting in, you can sit back and relax because the hunt is over.

Every parent is different and has their own parenting style. Let your individuality shine forth in your choices of what to get to help you with your parenting, and be you in every way. Your kid will thank you for it.