How to Prep Your Firstborn for Your Second Baby

Welcoming a new addition to the family is an exciting time, but it’s essential to ensure your firstborn is ready to embrace their role as a big brother or sister. Here’s how to make the transition smoother for them. 

Get Them Involved

Your firstborn will feel valued and important when they’re included in the preparations for the new baby. Take them along to prenatal appointments, let them help choose baby items like clothes and toys, and involve them in setting up the nursery. Their participation will make them feel connected and excited about the upcoming arrival.

Build Excitement

Talk to your firstborn about the baby in a positive and enthusiastic way. Share stories about when they were a baby, and how much fun it will be to have a sibling to play with. Encourage them to ask questions and reassure them that their role as the big sibling is special.

Read All About It

Introduce your firstborn to the concept of being a big brother or sister through age-appropriate books about siblings and family life. Reading together can help them understand what to expect and prepare them for the changes ahead. Opt for books that celebrate sibling relationships and address common concerns.