How To Limit Screen Time At Home

One of the greatest modern parenting struggles is monitoring and minimizing screen time for your kids at home. It is all too easy to let an hour, or two, pass by before we realize that the entire family has spent the evening on devices and nobody has actually spoken to each other. Whilst debates about the risks, and benefits, of screens at home will continue, if you are looking to limit the time your kids spent on devices, read this guide.

Offer An Alternative

All too often, when parents order their kids to get off a screen, nothing is offered as an alternative activity. Put board games and puzzles in a games area, so that children who have been ordered off devices can find something to do there. Encourage artistic efforts or ask them to help you cook the evening meal. Whatever it is, make sure there are obvious alternatives to do once screen time is over.

Set An Example

It’s all very well lecturing your children about the dangers of spending all day on a screen, but if they see you scrolling on your phone all evening, they will have a hard time listening to you. Show them that family life doesn’t have to revolve around phones and iPads. They will be excited to spend more quality time with you, and will quickly forget all about that new online game.

Allow Some Screen Time

Few parents will go to the extreme of banning all screen time. Talk with your kids, and agree to a set amount of time each day or week. This way, your children will feel like they’re part of the discussion, rather than having a limit imposed on them. Maybe set aside an hour or two of the weekly screen time to watch a film as a family; this way, screen time can still be a social event.