How to Help Your Kids Choose a College Major

As your kids approach university age, it’s time for them to start thinking about what career path to follow. After all, how can they choose a college major if they don’t even know what career they want in the future? Here are some ways that you can help your kids get the clarity they need to pursue the right college major.

Time For a Sit Down

Spend some one-on-one time with each of your kids and ask them about their interests. If they can’t give a straight-up answer about what fields of work interest them, then ask them about what school subjects interest them as this could narrow down their options.

Discuss Finances

Whether we like it or not, earning potential in your job is important as it impacts your quality of life. When evaluating different career options, it may be important for your kids to consider their financial aspects in order to get a clear picture of the life they want.

Consider Their Talents

Another piece of advice to give your kids is for them to consider their talents and perhaps find a career based on what they’re good at. Because jobs will take up such a large portion of their time, it may be preferable for them to do something they excel in rather than struggle.