How to Help Your Kid Cope With Change

Lots of kids can struggle to cope with change, whether it’s starting a new school year or dealing with parental separation. However, if you feel that your kid is struggling more than normal, there are some things that you can do to support them to adapt and get better at accepting change. From spending time together to letting them journal out their worries, check out these key tips on supporting kids to deal with change.

Prepare Them for It

It’s not fair to expect children to adapt to change at the drop of a hat. If you know something is coming up—perhaps their favorite teacher is leaving, or a friend is moving away—gently ease them into the idea of this change by discussing it casually but at relatively regular intervals. If it’s a change you’re making, such as moving house, mark it so that it’s visible on a calendar and your kid can see how much time there is between the present and this change.

Spend Time Together

While you don’t want to smother your child by spending all of your time together, it is a good idea to enjoy some quality one-on-one time if you know they’re struggling with a change. Take them to the park, watch a movie together, or enjoy some afternoon baking. Whatever you get up to, having this stability in your life can make adapting to change easier.

Encourage Expression

Sometimes, kids bottle up their worries around a change, because they don’t want to upset adults or make their already stressed parents even more concerned. This is why it’s a good idea to check in regularly, especially if you know there is a change on the horizon. If your kid feels cautious about speaking to you, encourage them to journal so that they have an outlet for their worries. By writing it down first, this can also help children express themselves to you when they’re ready to open up.