Here’s Some Fun and Cheap Ideas to do on Birthdays

Kids birthdays are a pretty big deal and you’ll no doubt want to have something planned out in advance. It can be super hard to think of how to give your child the celebration day they deserve while fitting into a tight budget. Here are some ideas for how to spend the special day that don’t cost too much. 

Head to a Park for the Day

While popping to the park might feel like a standard Saturday with kids, if you plan a whole day out then this will feel much more special but can be achieved for a small cost. You could start with a walk and then have an exciting picnic with party food and birthday cake. The kids can then spend the afternoon in the playground while you relax. 

Have a Games Day

You could choose to do this in your garden if you have one or in a nearby park. Gather up a selection of games and spread them out in the area. You can then go around in a carousel, trying out all the different activities. Having candies as prizes will make it feel more fun.

Have Their Friends Around for a Movie Night

Sleepovers are so exciting for kids, so this will feel super special. All you need to do is buy a few snacks and some breakfast.