Having Kids Can Actually Introduce You To New Friends

Real friends can be hard to come by, and sometimes great friends we grow up with end up fading out of our lives. However, we also gain new ones as we reach adulthood, and there’s one way that’s better than most for this to happen—having kids. Indeed, here’s how having kids can actually introduce you to a bevy of new friends.

New Social Circles

It really just comes down to social circles. Most of the time, the way we meet new people in life is through the context of a larger system. When we were young, we met friends in school, and so on when we got to college. Now, as adults, your children will attend school, which will inevitably lead to you meeting their parents. Whether it’s PTA meetings, birthday parties, or weekend mixers, you’ll be around fellow parents.

Common Interests

But it’s more than just you being around new people. It’s also the fact that you and these other parents have a similar set of obstacles. You all have kids that are the same age, and thus you can relate on a variety of different things. Common interests, coupled with systemic interactions, will naturally lead to you becoming good friends with these parents.