Guide to Packing Clothes for Kids on a Family Vacation

Family vacations are a lot of fun. But for parents, packing can often feel like an overwhelming task. How much do you bring to not run out but also avoid overpacking? Here are some tips to help you out. 

Factors to Consider

  • Length of Trip: This is the most crucial factor. A weekend getaway requires a smaller wardrobe compared to a two-week exploration.
  • Destination and Activities: Are you hitting the beach, exploring a city, or venturing into the mountains? Pack accordingly, considering weather conditions and planned activities.
  • Age of Your Child(ren): Younger children tend to have more outfit changes due to accidents or spills. Be prepared for the unexpected!
  • Laundry Facilities: Does your accommodation offer laundry facilities? If so, you can pack lighter and plan to do mid-trip laundry.

Helpful Packing Guidelines

For shorter trips (2-4 days), pack 4-5 outfits per child. Include a mix of tops, bottoms, pajamas, and a versatile outerwear option like a light jacket or sweater.

For longer trips (5-7 days), try to pack 5-6 outfits per child. Consider incorporating versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched to create more outfit combinations.

If your trip is over a week, pack 6-7 outfits per child, but plan to utilize laundry facilities halfway through your trip.