Cleaning Child Car Seats Will Be a Breeze With These Helpful Tips

Dirty child car seats are something that every parent needs to deal with. Your little ones will leave all sorts of mass on them, ranging from barfs to food and drinks. Luckily, cleaning child car seats doesn’t have to be a daunting task. You just need to follow these tips.

React Immediately

Clean the child’s’s car seat as soon as something happens or you notice it is dirty. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to remove the stains, and it will take longer for the smell to disappear.

Don’t Scrub Right Away

It is important that you remove any larger particles of food (or anything else) from the car seat by hand before you begin scrubbing. If you immediately start to scrub, you will just make a bigger mess.

Use Vacuum

Vacuum can be your best friend. It will get all the hard-to-reach particles and make the cleaning process a lot easier.

Use Gentle Soap and Water

After you remove all the larger particles, get a bowl of warm water and mix in some gentle soap. Next, using a piece of cloth, give the car seat a thorough wipe. Then, get some clean water and repeat the process again to remove the soap.

Be Careful with Harness

The harness is what keeps your child safe in their car seat. You should be very careful when cleaning it in order not to cause any damage. Simply wipe it down with a wet cloth and leave it in fresh air to dry.