Best Ways to Encourage Your Kids To Share Clothes Without Conflict

One of the great things about having children who are close in age is the fact they can easily share clothes – but this can be a double-edged sword. Siblings can get into heated arguments when it comes to clothes-sharing, but these useful tips can help you avoid them.

Setting Boundaries

Teach your children the importance of setting clear boundaries before allowing them to share clothes. Help them come up with their own set of rules so you can teach them the importance of respecting other people’s ownership and personal space.

Personal Items

Even if your kids agree to share clothes with their siblings, they’ll sometimes want to have certain pieces of clothing all to themselves. Letting them choose their favorite personal items is a good way to avoid potential conflicts long term.

Set a Schedule

Creating a clothes-sharing schedule is another great way to minimize fights between your kids. Set a schedule where they take turns choosing items to borrow, and encourage them to stick to it.

Open Communication

Open communication is key to avoiding sibling conflicts in all walks of life, including clothes-sharing. Help them express their feelings instead of resorting to anger and teach them to compromise so they could find the middle ground when sharing clothes.