Advice for if the Grandparents Live Far Away

It’s a common occurrence for people to end up living far away from their parents, and most adults find ways to adapt to a long-distance relationship. However, for the children, it can be more of a challenge to maintain a strong relationship with their grandparents over a long distance. If this is a situation that your family is facing then here are some helpful things to keep in mind. 

It’s Helpful to Have Gentle Reminders

If your children don’t see their grandparents that often, then having regular reminders of them will help to keep them as familiar figures. You could have some photos dotted around your home, and remember to update your kids on things happening in their grandparents’ lives. 

Encourage Quick Phone Chats

You may well be in the habit of speaking to your parents on the phone regularly and spend time catching up often. Next time you do this, think about passing the phone to your kids just for five or so minutes. Just having a brief chat with their grandparents will help keep them in their minds. 

Make Visits Feel Special

If seeing their grandparents in person happens rarely, then it’s nice to make more of an occasion out of these meet-ups. Whether you’re heading over to stay with them, or they are your guests, you should encourage excitement and anticipation in your kids.