A Guide For How to Handle Toddler-Tantrums

One of the hardest things to do when it comes to parenting is figuring out how to handle toddler tantrums. Our children can be hard to parent at many different ages, but the toddler age is notorious for being particularly challenging. There’s a reason they call it the “terrible twos”, after all. Here are some tips for how to handle a toddler tantrum when you notice it coming on.

Stay Calm

One of the best things you can do when your toddler is throwing a tantrum is to stay calm. If you react to their tantrum by getting just as angry, you’re basically validating what they’re doing as something that should be encouraged. By staying calm, you’re setting a positive example about what they should strive for.

Distractions Can Help

Although this may not always work (toddlers can be pretty stubborn and clever), offering distractions can really do a good job at lowering the tension in the air. You can talk about something that you know they love hearing about, and this may trigger a positive emotion in their brain.

Use Simple Language

Finally, another thing you can do is to speak to them as simply as possible. You want to calmly cut through the noise and help them understand what you’re trying to say, and this can also lighten the mood a tad.