5 Types of Children’s Clothing That You Probably Shouldn’t Buy Online

Online shopping has its perks, but there are certain items that are better bought in-store – especially when you’re shopping for your kids. No matter how much you love looking for cute children clothing online, these five items are best purchased in person.

Underwear & Swimwear

Swimsuits and undergarments require a precise fit for comfort and support, and you might struggle when shopping online because you can’t check the items’ quality, comfort, and coverage.


Shopping for shoes can be tricky even in person because it’s crucial that they properly fit your child. Even if the sizing online is correct, it’s essential for the wearer to actually try the shoes and make sure they’re comfortable.

Coats & Jackets

Most kids end up wearing the same coat or jacket for months at a time. That’s why it’s very important to find one that offers proper sizing and comfort, and that’s not easy to do online.

Hats & Caps

You’ll never know if a hat or cap you’ve seen online properly fits your child until they try it on, so make sure to buy these items in person to find the model that your little one will actually like.

Formal Wear

Formal clothing often requires specific measurements, and you should think twice before buying it online – especially since it doesn’t come cheap.