5 Fun Things With Kids on a Flight

Family vacations and traveling with kids can sometimes feel like a challenge. It can be tempting to hand your child an iPad and let them spend the flight watching TV or playing video games. But if you’re looking for alternatives, here are a few great options to consider. 


Pack a coloring book and a few crayons with you for the flight. Maybe look for coloring books that fit your trip thematically. Heading to a beach vacation? Pick up an ocean-themed coloring book! 

Learn a Language

If you’re traveling internationally, why not teach your children a few phrases they can use in the country you are traveling to? Check out apps like Duolingo for great language games. 

Children’s Magazines

Children’s magazines are filled with stories, comics, puzzles, and other activities. With many options to flip through, this is a great in-flight activity. 

Battle Ship

This classic two-person game won’t take much room in your hand luggage. Battleship is fun for kids to play with each other or for you to join in with them.

Card Games

With a deck of cards, you have dozens of games available. You can also teach your kids some solo games like solitaire if you want some downtime during the flight.