3 Dinner-Time Conversation Starters

Family dinners are a great opportunity to bond, share experiences, and strengthen relationships. But sometimes it can be hard to get the conversation going. To help you out, here are three conversation starters to turn mealtime into quality time. 

What Was the Best Part of Your Day?

This question invites each family member to reflect on their day and share a positive moment, no matter how small. This will foster gratitude and encourage children to look for the good in their day-to-day lives. It can also provide insight into what your child values and enjoys.

If You Could Learn One New Skill or Hobby, What Would it Be and Why?

This conversation starter sparks imagination and can help you understand your child’s aspirations. It can lead to discussions about the future, personal growth, and even potential challenges they might face in pursuing new interests. 

If You Could Make One Rule That Everyone in the World Had to Follow, What Would it Be and Why?

This thought-provoking question can reveal a lot about your child’s sense of fairness, justice, and empathy. Or take a light-hearted approach and have everyone come up with some funny rules for a good laugh.