3 Variations on Classic Uno to Play at Your Next Family Game Night

Uno has been a staple at family game nights for decades. While the classic version never gets old, sometimes shaking things up can bring a new level of excitement. Here are three fun variations of Uno to try.

Uno Flip

Uno Flip adds a new dimension to the classic game with double-sided cards and a flip card that changes everything. Each player starts with a hand of Uno Flip cards, which have light and dark sides. Everyone begins playing on the light side. When a Flip card is played, everyone must flip their cards and play with the dark side, which has different action cards and penalties.

Crazy Uno

Crazy Uno follows the standard Uno rules, but with extra actions. For example, if someone plays a zero, everyone passes their hand to the player next to them in the direction of play. When a seven is played, you have to be silent. Feel free to get creative and come up with your own house rules. 

Stackable Uno

This variation allows for the stacking of penalty cards, making the stakes higher and the game more strategic. In Stackable Uno, if a Draw Two or Draw Four is played, the next player can stack another Draw Two or Draw Four instead of drawing cards.